Institute of Yoga and Wushu (Odessa)

Address: 27 Bazarnaya St. Odessa, Ukraine

Between 1989 and 1992 Institute of Yoga and Wushu existed as a social club under the name of "Institute of Yoga and Wushu" and was founded by a group of like-minded individuals. The institute was part of Society of friendship and cultural connections with foreign countries. Together with a social club called "Ardjuna" the institute had a close working relationship with the regional society "Ukraine-India", which at the time was part of the Odessa institute of refrigeration technologies.

At the same time with the support of Indian General Counsel Mr. Sharma a number of organizational steps took place in order to meet Indian representatives and instructors of yoga.

In 1992 "Institute of Yoga and Wushu" was officially registered as a legal entity. In the same year with the assistance of the institute in Odessa was founded organization called "Club of Yoga enthusiasts" – the first organization of its kind in the city.

Starting with 1990 the institute has been preparing professionals – Yoga and Wushu instructors, who started and some still continue to pass on acquired knowledge in the following cities and countries:







San Diego/USA;


Between 1990 and 2001 28 out of 1256 individuals were certified as Wushu instructors and 8 out of 842 were certified as Yoga instructors.

Experience of working with large groups of students showed that only few can demonstrate serious dedication to practice. With that said management of the institute made a decision to provide assistance to such individuals first and foremost. This became the main object of the institute between 1995 and 2005.

However, after publication of the book "40 days practicing yoga" by S. N. Gromov everyone is now given an opportunity to practice yoga using our program.

The program includes a complete Yoga system, Kalaripayattu and based on it Wushu forms. Program is using exclusively a classic approach without any modern popularizations or simplifications.

As a result from the point of publication the name of this classic yoga school program changed to "S.N. Gromov School of Yoga".



Vice Director of Institute of Yoga and Wushu

A.V. Zabgaev.


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